10 Best Packing Tips for Long Distance Moving 2024

Jun 14, 2024

Steve Gray


Relocating to a new state or neighborhood is an overwhelming as well as adventurous experience. People get stressed and anxious when they start to pack for long distance moving as they are not aware where to begin and how to plan.

With little guidance and planning even long distance moving can become a smoother and relaxing endeavor.

The key to successful relocation is to pack proficiently and effectively. Be strategic in your planning and analyze all the areas of your relocation is the most reliable technique to be prepared for long distance relocation.

There are two things that run in everyone’s mind while packing is to make relocation stress-free and secure task.

Following proper guides and tips is the only way to make transportation an amusing and hassle-free task.

We have made a comprehensive guide for you to follow while packing for long-distance move.

Plan Packing for Your Move

Moving is not as simple as it looks, you are about to pack all your life belongings and everything to thousand miles away. That’s a huge challenge and every task requires planning before you get into business.

There is a quote: If you have four hours to cut tree, sharpen your axe for three hours and cut tree in one hour. That’s what planning can do for you. Plan the process and complete the task swiftly without any hustle.

Write down every step that is to be done while packing for relocation. Make a to do list of your task and perform them one by one.

This will help you be organized and focused in your packing. Plan your move before even jumping into the actual task in which you don’t know where to start and what to do. Planning creates a roadmap to follow and to make less mess and be organized.

Hire a Long-Distance Moving Company

Hiring a long-distance moving company is essential to make the move easy and reliable and to avoid inconveniences. Recruiting a long-distance mover provides you with many perks but the most crucial one is to have access to high-standard equipment that is required for relocation.

A professional moving company has all the tools and experts that provide you with safe and secure transportation without any stress and hustle.

Before Hiring a long-distance moving company analyze whether they are providing you what you need and desire. That’s why it is integral to do thorough research prior to recruiting a moving company.

Compare their services and rates along with experience with other moving companies or you can check the reviews of different moving companies on MMJ and select which one is acceptable for you.

Start Packing Timely

Packing consumes a lot of time because of its long and exhausting list. It is always advisable to start packing timely without any delay.

Delaying packing will pile up your work and you have to perform all tasks in a short period of time. People make mistakes in hurry and you can’t afford to make mistakes while moving.

Starting early, you have the time to analyze things properly and pack them safely and effectively. That’s how you will make your relocation a stress-free task.

Procrastination in moving makes things worse and chances of incidents increases in this. Begin your packing room by room that’s how you will be organized and planned in your relocation.

Pack Important Things First

Prioritizing things that are important while packing for long distance move is crucial for safe and secure relocation. Make a list of important things first which are necessary for living like clothes and furniture along with toiletries and documents. 

Packing important things for easy move will keep your mind relaxed so that you won’t forget them in your journey.

It is up to you to realize which things are important for you and you want to pack them first. It could be any sentimental item or document or anything. Pack properly and carefully and label them so you don’t forget and it would be simple to locate and unpack them.

Loading crucial and essential items first makes relocation more manageable and organized.

Dismantle Big Things

Big things always take so much space in moving so it is recommended to dismantle things before packing them. Transporting big items like furniture and appliances is not an easy task because they are heavy and take so much space.

Dismantling the furniture into shorter parts can make your move very easy and manageable. This will make items lighter and more accommodable to transport.

But dismantle things according to the need and demand of the space. If an object can be transported without dismantling it too much so don’t break it down into pieces. While dismantling label the items so you know which piece belongs to which segment of the item and secure the bolts and screws in a bag so they don’t get lost.

Always use a manual guide to break down big things so don’t damage them in this process. Use proper tools and guides to secure the objects from getting any damage and scratches.

Donate Unwanted Things

Declutter your things and make three sections of them keep, sell, and donate. Then organize the items according to these sections. Keep those things that you use on daily basis and that are important for you.

That’s the best way to pack clothes as after separating them you will be left with unwanted and unused things it is your choice whether you want to sell them or donate them.

Relocating is not cheap adventure. If you believe you need more money in their journey you can always choose to sell unwanted things, there is no law that you only have to donate unwanted things.

But if expense is not the issue you can always donate unnecessary things to any local charity or to those people who are in need. This will make your belongings more organized and you can utilize space in a very manageable manner.

Save Money by Getting Free Boxes

Save money wherever you get a chance because you need all the money for out of state move. The best step to save money is to get free boxes to pack your belongings. Relocation is not economical and it needs a lot of cash to blow.

The price of boxes is climbing day by day so it is always advisable to use free boxes to pack your belongings.

You can get free boxes from your neighbor and friends; you can always ask them and there are boxes in your storeroom and garage too. And there are some agencies that help you locate free boxes in your area you can utilize their services too. In this way you can recycle the boxes and on the other hand save money too. This is the most considerable option to do while packing for long-distance moving.

Get Packing Kit

Having a proper packing kit is essential to pack items properly and without causing any damage. Without having a proper kit can create so many problems in packing belongings whether they are small or large.

A packing kit consists of supplies that are usually designed for moving or loading purposes. You can have them from your hired moving company they have all the supplies.

You can find these supplies in your home or in any commercial store or you can rent them to save money. A proper packing kit consists of the following items:

  • Boxes of different sizes
  • Tape of different types
  • Wrapping and bubble sheets
  • Markers for labeling
  • Vacuum bags
  • Zipper bags
  • Moving blankets
  • Dollies and straps

This packing kit is usually a time and energy saver. It saves your strength and energy and does the work without damaging any important and expensive items.

Use Small Boxes for Heavy Items

Packing for long distance moving is a hectic challenge to perform because it requires so much planning and performance. The important factor to consider while moving is to keep track of the weight of boxes so they exceed the limit and don’t take so much space.

Everyone thinks it is better to pack heavy items in large because they will carry them properly but that’s not the case. Heavy items in large boxes will be difficult to lift and move properly. This can damage the stuff inside the box because there will be space inside the box.

So, it is advisable to use small boxes for heavy items because small boxes will occupy the space inside the box and don’t allow the items to move freely during transportation and protect them from getting any damage.

Pack heavy items in small boxes because it gives you better mobility and protection. You can label the boxes easily and move them freely regardless of hitting them with anything that comes in the way.

Avoid Packing Forbidden Things

Moving long-distance is always challenging and trickier especially to figure out which things you can carry and which are not. Every country or state has different rules on forbidden things. The fine method to avoid any inconvenience is to research the state or country that you’re moving to and pack items accordingly.

There are some prohibited things that you should always avoid packing because it can harm your other belongings and even restrict your move too.

There are some items that are universally prohibited to pack and carry with you. Even if you don’t know which things are prohibited here is a list of some universal things that you should avoid packing:

  • Firearms
  • Alcohols
  • Weapons
  • Dagger
  • Paint
  • Fuel
  • Tobaccos
  • Pesticides
  • Poisonous Plants


Avoid packing these things as they can damage your items and won’t be allowed to carry in a long-distance move.

Label Each Box

It is mandatory to label each box as it will help you to remember which box has what item in it. Labeling is your customized item directory as you cannot remember where you put a specific item. By labeling each box you know which box to unpack first and which box has important items.

Labeling helps you in unpacking your stuff, if you don’t label the boxes, you will make a great mess just to find a specific item and unpacking will become disastrous.

Just like it is necessary to pack with proper planning, labeling is the first step in unpacking your belongings. Be manageable and organizable and label boxes with their respective items.

Colour-Code Your Boxes

Make your work easy not complex and doing small things that can create a huge difference. Color coding boxes is the best way to keep track of the boxes with respect to their belongings in them. Color coding makes packing and unpacking easier. Organize boxes with respect to each room. Assign a color to each room and use markers and tape of same color to track and unpack them easily.

Utilize universal colors like red and green along with blue or orange because they are easy to find and locate. Match colors and markers with each other so it is coded properly. You are not only making packing easier but also allowing your unpacking to be simple and fun task.

Keep Valuable Things with You

During relocation, the most stressful task is to keep valuable things safe and secure so that you don’t lose them or forget them. Keep valuable things like documents and personal things along with sentimental things with yourself all the time. Prepare a bag and fit all things in it and keep it with you all the time.

Use a sling bag or carry bag and keep your valuable thing in it. These are important while relocation and transportation so you can’t afford to lose them in any case. Make a record of valuable items that you want to keep in your arm’s reach and put them inside a bag.


Insurance is most crucial element when moving for long-distance because it makes your moving very reliable and stress-free. That’s why it is important to purchase moving insurance before you relocate. Insurance plan covers your valuable home items and auto belongings.

A proper insurance plan gives you benefit to secure your belongings and yourself in case of any calamity. Emergency conditions can happen at any time so you must be composed to face them. You don’t want to risk all your life saving items and health in move. Purchase an insurance plan that covers up any calamity that will occur accidentally.

Additional Tips

Relocation is a hectic and adventurous task. It can be a manageable task too if you follow all tips and steps and act upon them accordingly. Here are some of additional tips that can help you in your move too.

  • Research and Analyze: Do proper and thorough research on the destination that you are relocating to. This will allow you to know everything about the place and you can make plan according to it.
  • Follow one-year rule: Apply a universal one-year rule in relocation, if you haven’t used any item for more than a year either donate it or sell it because it will make you slow and occupy more space.
  • Get Help: Moving is not an easy task and it cannot be performed by one person so ask some help from your friends and family members. You can even ask help from your neighbors it is better to have extra hands to help you.

By Following all tips and steps you can create a memorable and hectic free move without any ups and downs.

Consult for More Moving Tips and Guidance

Long-distance moving can be an overwhelming experience but it can also become a fun and amusing task that you remember for long period of time. Properly following tips and techniques you can create a manageable move with your loved ones.

My Moving Journey provides you with all the tips and techniques that help you create memorable and stress-free relocation. Give us a chance and get in touch with us to make your move a relaxing one.