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Located : Florida,United States

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Recent Reviews

Michael Nelson

Oct 27,2023

Move from : Destrehan,LA To : Fox Lake,IL

Great Service with good team

Overall a pleasure to work with! Customer service there was best-in-class. The phone representatives were kind and clear in explaining all the charges. The moving crew put a lot of effort into safely loading and unloading my belongings. They seemed to care about their customer genuinely. Thankyou, American Heritage Moving Solutions For Such A easy move.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 4500 USD

David Dipietro

Sep 18,2023

Move from : Burgettstown,PA To : Herndon,VA

Outstanding service!!

I was blown away by how smoothly my recent move was carried out. Everything went as expected. My things were delivered to me safely. The crew was outstanding. Definitely hiring them again!

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 3230 USD

Pat Vedros

Sep 05,2023

Move from : Las Vegas,NV To : Roswell,GA

Total rip off

After negotiating a deal with Joush Miller for $11792.00 and payed American Heritage moving solutions $4213.00 from my checking account. On August 10 the move date American Heritage sent four men in a pick up truck to requote my job on a Friday afternoon when , I told them to leave because I already had a deal with American Heritage they wanted more money to move my things, I told them to leave at this point and contacted a reputable moving company in my area which I should’ve done to start with. I spoke with Tony and he told me they re-try to reschedule the job which was not true. I wind up going with MOVE 4 LESS. Tony told me that he would not return my $4213 because I found someone that could do the job correctly, I am 66 years old with a disability, and this should not happen to anyone else. American Heritage is working by the seat of their pants. Do not by any means deal with this so-called company. You will regret it I promise. Now I have to obtain an attorney to deal with these people. Please beware all so-called customers. They are scammers.

Move Size : 3 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 11792 USD