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AmeriSafe Moving Services

Located : Florida,United States

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Recent Reviews

Thomas Thompson

Jul 17,2024

Move from : Garryowen,MT To : New York,NY

Beware - You need FULL inventory to get cost

If you Google "Best Long Distance Moving Companies" you will see number 3 - AmeriSafe Moving Services. Be cautious in selecting this company. They are NOT a "moving" company, but are a "broker". They will take your information and using a formula, based on bedrooms, to determine a cost. At that point they will select a moving company that will pick up and move your possessions. Also, from experience, they do not ask enough questions up front to include ALL odd pieces of furniture you might want included. Your cost is determined by volume. If you don't get this worked out before movers come, you will have problems and it will cost you! As I said in the beginning, beware - MY experience with AmeriSafe was not pleasant!

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 5240 USD

Verna Benson

Jul 12,2024

Move from : Dallas,TX To : Houston,TX

Thanks to AmeriSafe Moving Service

Thanks to AmeriSafe Moving Service, moving from Dallas, Texas to Houston, Texas was a great experience. The team treated my belongings with care and efficiency. They ensured that everything was packed safely and carried without incident. They provided excellent service, and I will hire again without a doubt.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 3600 USD

Jeannette Foster

Jul 09,2024

Move from : Los Angeles,CA To : Hartford,SD

The Greatest Moving Experience Ever.

I have nothing but praise for this moving business. Amazing people were Kris, Veronica and Kim. They were incredibly well-mannered cautious, and productive. Everything went quite well, and I'm very pleased with their service.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 3400 USD