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Amex Moving & Storage LLC

Located : New Jersey,United States

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Recent Reviews

Michael Barney

May 20,2024

Move from : Naperville,IL To : Bethlehem,KY

Smoothest move ever!

Henry and his team were extremely professional from the start. They handled all of our belongings with care. All items were properly handled and wrapped. They worked very hard without rushing ensuring nothing was damaged. We would highly recommend this company to anyone!!!!

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 5000 USD

Tracey Threbits

May 20,2024

Move from : Secaucus,NJ To : Bennett,NC

I have been satisfy with my experience

Moving from NJ to NC. The movers were extremely professional, on time and did an overall great job. Thanks again Henri, Kendrick, Jose and Javier

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 3360 USD

William Frederick

May 06,2024

Move from : South Glastonbury,CT To : Glen Saint Mary,FL

Immaculate service!

The results of our latest collaboration with Amex Moving & Storage LLC were extraordinary. The team was amazing, arriving on time and immediately getting to work packing our possessions.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 4360 USD