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Located : Florida,United States

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Jeff Lightner

Mar 17,2023

Move from : Bushwood,MD To : Townsend,DE

Careless, wasteful and dishonest company

Wasted considerable time with a company that proved to be careless from beginning to end. Avoid this company if you prefer honesty, clarity and your instructions to be heeded. Half of my items have not been moved and the quote I received was not anywhere need the amount I was billed. At every turn I was met with employees remiss in their duties. I sent photos to avoid a misunderstanding in what I needed moved, and yet, was directed to mislabel/misidentify items. I sent photos of each item, along with a list, and yet, only half of my items were packed. When I learned they would be unable to take all of the items they had agreed to (and for double the price I was quoted!), I gave instructions about priority, and yet, those were ignored completely. service line while the movers were at my home; the call was unanswered and subsequently NEVER returned. I texted my original contact who promised action on Monday, and yet, customer service line! The recklessness of the employees continued when they left the gate to my property obviously open! Feeling frustrated, I reached out to customer service again. I received no response to my request for assistance for several days. The lackluster response I eventually did receive left much to be desired. The response asked to provide additional information in order to assist, and yet, when I promptly sent that information to them, it was tossed aside, my time wasted and myself left feeling exasperated. Save yourself the trouble of being deceived and abused by Homesafe Transit and choose another company.

Move Size : 4 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 15050 USD