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Long Distance out of state Moving

Located : Ohio,United States

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Recent Reviews

Katie Cuff

Sep 05,2023

Move from : Hahnville,LA To : Austin,TX

This was a TERRIBLE experience!

This was a TERRIBLE experience! I had the initial intake call and everything seemed great. Was told I could add items as I packed to the moving list through text or email. Sent several additional large items via text. As moving day arrives, no updates had been made to my initial pack list. I was then pulled aside by one of the onsite movers and was told for a very specific amount of cash tip, they could “help me out” with some of the additional items. I politely declined because I couldn’t afford what they were asking for in cash. They then proceeded to nickel and dime me for even the tiniest of boxes leading to an almost extra $1000 being charged to my credit card on moving day (when it hit my credit card I realized I should have gone door to door begging for cash to just pay the bribe). The only options I had were to pay the money or have my stuff taken off the truck. I was moving states and leaving in two days to start the road trip meaning I just had to take the hit. After I declined the bribe, they proceeded to make fun of what I was moving in a language they didn’t know I spoke. All in all, it was a terrible day. I was then referred to customer service after the initial bad move and was told I would probably receive a small refund. I spoke with the person from customer service and they didn’t even know who my onsite movers were or how to find them - meaning there will be no repercussions whatsoever. No mention of a refund and no follow-up. Now that my stuff has arrived and I have been unpacking, I have several broken items. As I couldn’t afford the “premium” insurance plan, I won’t even really receive any money for the broken items. Also, after such a useless experience with customer service, I know it’s not worth my time and effort to reach out for further assistance. I’m just writing this to hopefully help steer some people away from this horrendous company.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 21000 USD

Jason Henke

Aug 30,2023

Move from : Ingomar,MT To : New Orleans,LA

Peaceful Service!

The movers have truly surpassed our expectations in every aspect! The team displayed commendable dedication and proved to be a pleasure to collaborate with. Furthermore, the implementation of the law was completed with commendable cost-efficiency.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 3265 USD

Jack Young

Aug 28,2023

Move from : Midvale,UT To : Bloomington,IL

Comfortable service!

Exceptional moving assistance! Their crew arrived right on time and worked tirelessly to ensure my belongings were handled with care. When they noticed a scratch on my dining table, they took responsibility immediately and offered to have it repaired. It's this level of accountability that sets them apart.

Move Size : 2 Bedroom Home

Service Cost : 4856 USD