6 Reliable Ways to Hire Professionals to Move Furniture

May 02, 2024

Steve Gray


Moving is not about transportation from origin to destination. It is a full process that needs to be performed and followed in a perfect manner to make a secure and manageable relocation. Whether you are transporting to a new area or rearranging the space, it is always a difficult and overwhelming task to move heavy and bulky furniture on your own. While doing such activities there is always a chance of getting injured and damaging the furniture.

Maneuvering through short doorways and corner edges and making sure that property or you as well as furniture won’t get damaged in this process are few of the obstacles that you can encounter while moving furniture. Recruiting someone that have experience in moving furniture can lessen the risk of damage and make moving of furniture much smoother and hassle-free.

Hiring professionals for moving furniture will bring expertise and proper skillset with them. There are many advantages in recruiting professionals for moving furniture.

  • They are fully packed and equipped with proper equipment.
  • They can handle any mishap and make relocation much easier and faster.
  • They have proper knowledge regarding moving of furniture.
  • Professional movers have skills to maneuver furniture from tight and narrow and secure them from any damage.
  • Having more manpower is the prominent advantage professional movers can provide you.

Time consumption and effort is the primary factor in relocation of furniture. If you decide to move furniture on your own in order to save money, it can lead to many hurdles and calamities. Time consuming and lot of body effort is the foremost hurdle in this moving as it requires lots of time and strength to move furniture around. Heaving lifting and transportation schedule along with submitting hours of effort can lead to frustration and make relocation more daunting experience. Hiring professionals can save you from all these overwhelming difficulties.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Move Furniture

Furniture moving professionals can provide great assistance in relocating furniture to new house without damaging them. In order to save some money, don’t take risk of moving by yourself as this will only increase the chance of injuring yourself and damaging furniture. After exploring and assessing the outcomes, MMJ has compiled some benefits of recruiting professionals to move furniture.

Have Experience in Handling Bulky Items

Moving furniture is a tough task and if doesn’t perform properly can lead to catastrophe. Professional furniture movers have experience in handling bulky and heavy items with care and proper technique so that no one gets injured and nothing gets damaged. Furniture moving requires lots of hard work and manpower along with time. Professionals have expertise and skillset in transporting bulky items with a proper protocol and technique.

Ensure Proper Safety of Belongings

Professional furniture movers make sure that all the belongings are packed and secured safely. If furniture is packed properly with bubble wrap and moving blankets, it can endure maneuvering damage and make it easy to relocate and load on truck. If you take moving furniture in your hand, there are possibilities that you will mess up and make any mistake that can lead to damage of items or yourself. Hiring professionals will take care that furniture is packed properly and ensure the safety of your belongings and property.

Minimize Time and Reduce Stress

When considering all other factors in moving like renting a truck and packing the items along with loading you will realize relocation is more time-consuming and stressful task. That’s why it is advisable to hire professional furniture movers to minimize your time and efforts which ultimately lead to stress-free move. Professional movers assure you to complete relocation work in the required time limit and make your move a stress-free one.

Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Accidents and calamities are common in relocation but if mistakes are made continuously then it can lead to big injuries. Moving furniture cause body ache and strains along with other injuries. Experienced furniture movers reduce the chances of injuries by packing the furniture in a professional manner and carry them skillfully. They are skillful enough to know how to lift bulky and heavy objects and how to utilize all the moving tools effectively and efficiently. 

Find the Right Professionals for Furniture Moving

Moving furniture is considered as one of the most daunting experiences because of its size and bulkiness. That’s why it is integral to find best professionals for furniture moving to ensure a smooth flow of transportation. Relocation heavy and huge items require expertise and skills to ensure relaxing moving and prevent any damage. By following proper tips and steps discussed below you can find right professionals for moving of your furniture.

Research Reputable Moving Companies

Prior to hiring any moving company and entrusting them with your precious items, it is compulsory to conduct detailed and comprehensive research. You can always start your research by gathering information from your friends and family or neighbors too who have just used services of any moving company.

Internet is your best option of research, search online best and most reputable relocation companies and arrange a list of them according to your requirements. Research about their services and study their reviews along with their expertise then decide which company you want to hire.

Checking Online Reviews and Rating for feedback

After shortlisting the potential moving companies through detailed research, now it is time to check their rating and moving reviews through different platforms and check their credibility. Examine reviews through their websites and cross-check reviews with trusted platforms.

Reviews tell a lot about the company and how it satisfies customer and fulfill their requirements. It is recommended to pay close attention on both positive and negative reviews. Getting proper feedback about the companies allows you to discard some companies and make your list shorter.

Request quotes and Compare Price Options

The most crucial stage in selecting the right professional moving company is by comparing price options of shortlisted companies. Reach out to companies and ask them an estimated value of your move by providing all the details which include size and shape of the furniture along with their weight or further requirement that you want to add.

After getting the estimates compare them according to your requirements whether they’re giving you best value of your money along with reliability and quality. Keep this in mind that cheap is not always the best option always select that option that gives your best quality.

Verify License and Insurance

After analyzing all the aspects and steps the last one is to verify moving company licenses and insurance policy before making any last decision. Moving companies always use large trucks and trailers for transportation, verify whether they have the license and certification to make them an authorized company. This is how you will be at peace of mind of the moving company you select.

Along with licenses ensure that relocation company provides proper insurance plan that protects your furniture in terms of any potential damage or mishap. You can also confirm credentials of the company like memberships in any professional association which will show their excellency in work.

After completing all steps, you will be stress-free in terms of safety of your furniture and its relocation to your destination.

Prepare Furniture for Moving

Furniture moving is a stressful task and can become a real headache when you don’t follow proper techniques and tips. By doing proper preparation you can ensure a smooth and reliable relocation of furniture. It is crucial to prepare furniture before moving in order to avoid any mishap and inconvenience at the day of moving. Here are some methods and techniques you can follow to prepare your furniture for transportation in a very proficient manner.

Assess your furniture and create inventory

First step to prepare everything is to assess and create an inventory so that you can plan and be more organized instead of making a mess. It is essential to assess furniture and develop an inventory so that you get an idea of shape and size of furniture.

Creating an inventory helps you to determine how much cost, labor and packing material will require to move all the furniture.

Measure doorways and hallways

One of the crucial aspects in preparing furniture is to measure the corners of your house which includes doorways and hallways along with staircase. It will help you to determine whether furniture can pass through doors and hallways or you have to disassemble them. Measuring all the corners before moving can save you from stress and hustle.

Disassemble furniture and remove obstacles

Disassemble furniture only if necessary because sometimes the size of doors and stairs is not big enough to carry assembled furniture out of the house. That’s why disassembling the furniture allows you to create space and carry furniture smoothly and safely. Use proper tools to disassemble the furniture and label the box that contains bolts and screws so you don’t misplace them. Remove obstacles like wall decorations and rugs to avoid any damage to furniture.

Clear pathways and secure parking for moving vehicles

Prior to actual moving day make sure that your pathway is clear of any obstacles so that moving vehicles and furniture can easily relocate. Remove any mess or cluttered objects and unnecessary items for effective movement and transportation. Preparing all the things prior to moving can free a lot of time and effort making furniture relocation a reliable and manageable task.

Communicate with Professionals

Communication is the key to make sure you and professionals you hire are on the same page. You don’t want any misunderstanding to occur in the process of relocation that can affect transportation of your belongings especially furniture. Effective and proficient communication with professionals during relocation is integral to ensure a safe and reliable move. Talking to them and providing every details along with your requirements are essential for a safe move.

Provide Clear Instructions

When communicating with the professionals make sure to give all the instructions properly and concisely. If there are any specific needs to consider while moving furniture or anything particular to keep in mind while relocating just communicate properly and provide them with all the instructions so that you can be satisfied.

Share Relevant Details

Safety of the furniture is the utmost priority in relocation so make sure to share all the relevant details to professionals that don’t compromise the safety of furniture. Give details about fragile items and how to pack fragile items and handle them. Share information about valuable items that are delicate to ensure their proper safety and care. Proper communication can minimize all the risks that can damage them.

Address any concerns or questions in advance

Primary purpose of transparent communication is to address any concerns and ask questions in advance to remove any misconceptions. If you have any concern in your mind regarding relocation of furniture you can communicate it to the professionals. So they can understand your concern and provide you with better solutions and answers that can satisfy you.

Maintain Open Communication

Maintaining an open communication is crucial to carry out a seamless and manageable move. Keep in touch with the professionals all the time and take updates from them every time so that you are well aware and informed what is happening. Respond to them if they have any query so mistake don’t occur.

Protect Furniture with Blankets and Pads

The most important aspect in hiring professionals is to use protective materials to protect the furniture from scratches and dents during relocation. Proper communication with professionals allows you to share your concerns regarding safety of furniture and types of protective layers they are using like blankets and pads along with plastic sheets and covers. Use of proper protective materials ensure full safety of your furniture in your relocation process.

Maximize Efficiency using different strategies

Relocation of furniture gives you a really hard time but you can maximize efficiency of your move by using different strategies. Furniture is heavy and bulky to move but by using proper lifting techniques you can make it easier to lift and carry without damaging them. That’s why it is beneficial to hire professionals as they maximize efficiency of you move and have different types of skills and techniques to use in relocating bulky furniture.

Use of different kinds of equipment and tools like dollies and straps also improve efficiency in carrying furniture. It also saves strength and time to transport heavy furniture and also ensures safe and reliable transportation. These equipment also help you to organize and manage furniture in moving truck or trailer properly so they don’t take enough space.

Final Check ups

The most crucial and essential part of furniture moving is to do final check ups to ensure everything is going smoothly and effectively. Inspect the furniture before and after the move to find out any damage or issue that have occurred during transportation. Examine each item properly and take pics if necessary to keep everything in check.

Confirm all the items are counted properly and placed in a designated location and you can find out easily. Label each item to create a directory and in this way you won’t forget the items. Make a list and check everything on that list for your own satisfaction and in this way you won’t forget any item behind.

Hire Best Professionals for Relocation with MMJ

Moving is not easy that can be done by yourself without any assistance. At some point you have to hire professionals to complete your move at the required time and protect your precious belongings in an experienced way.

My Moving Journey is here to provide you with tips and guidance regarding every aspect of relocation especially hiring professionals for your moving tasks. Contact us now and enjoy a relaxed move.