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In California, a state known for its cultural diversity, frequent relocations are common. Fortunately, there are many moving companies available, offering a range of relocation services to meet diverse needs.

Movers Found In California : 19

Three Men And A Truck


2 Reviews

Extremely professional gentlemen.

"This group of guys were amazing!!! They were quick but careful they respectful of my things and myse ... Read More "

Last Review by Tina Harry

US DOT: Not Provided

Move Cost: $4000

Based in Elk Grove, California

US Pro Logistics


2 Reviews

They were so incredible!

"They did an amazing job! And extremely efficient. I am still impressed how fast they moved everythin ... Read More "

Last Review by Jennifer tirado

US DOT: 3664256

Move Cost: $4650

Based in Chatsworth, California

Three Movers Oakland


1 Reviews

Pleasant and Proficient!

"Highly recommend this company. very professional and experienced in their line of business ***** Ple ... Read More "

Last Review by Angelstone Gems

US DOT: Not Provided

Move Cost: $4780

Based in Oakland, California

Three Movers Fresno


2 Reviews

I would highly recommend working with this team.

"The website is very well built and easy to navigate. It makes getting a quote for moving really easy ... Read More "

Last Review by Jason Mueller

US DOT: Not Provided

Move Cost: $3870

Based in Fresno, California

Royal Moving & Storage Palms


1 Reviews

We had a medium sized move

"We had a medium sized move, but with more breakable items. Christian was our rep and reassured us ev ... Read More "

Last Review by Ryan Sniatecki

US DOT: 2894555

Move Cost: $3850

Based in Los Angeles, California

Royal Moving & Storage Hollywood


2 Reviews

They made my work easier and less stressful.

"movers were hard working and helpful, business office honest and responsive, only a few minor glitch ... Read More "

Last Review by Chris B

US DOT: 2894555

Move Cost: $4260

Based in Los Angeles, California

American Auto Transport LLC Sacramento


2 Reviews

Excellent company for long distance car shipment

"I was at my wit's end after I got 5 companies who refused to ship our cars from San Diego, CA to Orl ... Read More "

Last Review by Maya Kruglyak

US DOT: Not Provided

Move Cost: $2800

Based in Sacramento, California

New Life Van Lines


2 Reviews

Great move!

"After tying the knot with my significant other, we decided to relocate ourselves to Northern Califor ... Read More "

Last Review by Kerry Stavilla

US DOT: Not Provided

Move Cost: $4365

Based in North Hollywood, California

Popeye Moving & Storage Co.


5 Reviews

Absolutely THE BEST!!!

"I have utlized popeyes moving for all my moves and they are always on time and super helpful. They a ... Read More "

Last Review by Stephanie Montoya

US DOT: 1472924

Move Cost: $4500

Based in Los Angeles, California

Prime Line VanLines


13 Reviews

Absolutely reliable!!

"I was amazed at how simple it was to disassemble and rebuild my bed. Their assistance made the proce ... Read More "

Last Review by Herman Thomas

US DOT: 3000966

Move Cost: $4600

Based in Hayward, California

California, known as the Golden State, boasts a wide range of opportunities and landscapes. From its sun-soaked beaches to its majestic forests, this diverse state is captivating the attention of people nationwide.

Despite its allure, living in California can be financially stressful, particularly in major cities with high housing costs. Many residents struggle to fully enjoy its natural beauty due to these expenses.

Yet, there's hope. With some research and management, you can enjoy this beautiful state without breaking the bank. So, while California may present its share of difficulties, there are solutions to help you make the most of what this vibrant state has to offer.

How do Movers Simplify Relocation in California

While we generally hire movers to ease the burden associated with moving. Yet, we occasionally find ourselves wondering how they will handle the entire moving process. Therefore, to enlighten you, below are the steps movers take to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Assessment: Movers evaluate needs based on item size, move distance, and special requests.
  2. Planning: They create customized relocation plans according to your needs.
  3. Packing: Belongings are securely packed and labeled for easy unpacking.
  4. Loading and Transportation: They load, transport and unload the items safely and securely.
  5. Assembly and Setup: Movers provide proper assistance regarding furniture assembling and setup.
  6. Final Inspection: Movers ensure everything is delivered and set up correctly.

Average Movers Cost in California

To calculate the average cost, we reviewed pricing data from various moving companies in California, using feedback from My Moving Journey users. Based on this analysis, we have determined the average moving cost in California. While it might not match exactly, it gives a good idea of what to expect..

In California, hiring movers for a local move usually costs around $80 to $100 per hour for two movers and a truck. Longer moves within the state can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the distance and how many belongings you have.

Factors Impacting Mover’s Cost in California

We often overlook the cumulative impact of small things; it is easy to forget how certain factors can shape our overall experience. Keeping that in mind, below are some of the factors that can influence the overall cost of your move:

  1. Distance: Longer moves mean higher costs due to fuel and travel time.
  2. Volume: More belongings require more labor and truck space, increasing costs.
  3. Time of Year: Peak seasons lead to higher rates due to increased demand.
  4. Additional services: Extra services like packing or storage come with added charges.
  5. Demand: High-demand areas may have higher baseline rates.
  6. Size and weight: Bulky or heavy items contribute to higher costs.
  7. Accessibility: Factors like stairs add complexity and affect pricing.
  8. Special requirements: Unique circumstances may incur extra fees.

Strategies for Cutting Moving Cost

It is easy to overlook, but there are seemingly insignificant actions we can take that have the potential to minimize the overall moving expenses.

  • Declutter before moving: Sort through belongings and discard items not needed.
  • Compare moving companies: Get quotes from multiple companies to find the best value.
  • Choose off-peak time: Move during low-demand periods for lower rates.
  • Pack Yourself: Use free or recycled materials to save on packing costs.
  • Seek discounts: Look for special deals or promotions from moving companies or rental agencies.
  • Plan Ahead: Avoid last-minute expenses by planning your move well in advance.