Movers from Albuquerque to Phoenix

Cost from Albuquerque to Phoenix usually ranges from $2000 to $6600. It is determined by different factors, including your home size, moving dates, schedules, and the distance and packing services you choose. You can request moving quote from your desired movers for cost estimation.

For your assistance, we have selected the most reliable and trustworthy long-distance movers to make your transition smooth, along with a comprehensive overview of your future move to Phoenix. Also, we have gathered data depending on the feedback of people who have moved from this route lately.

Albuquerque to Phoenix: The Leading Moving Companies

The frequent moving distance from Albuquerque to Phoenix is approximately 418 miles. Deciding to opt for a moving company is not a piece of cake. It requires so much effort and planning throughout the relocation process. We have added the best moving companies with proper license and insurance information that meets the federal requirements to ensure you connect with the industry's most reliable long-distance moving companies.

Average Moving Cost From Albuquerque to Phoenix

We gathered the average moving cost after considering all the relocation expenses and viewing the moving feedback. According to our estimation, the average cost for a move of this nature often ranges from $2000 to $6600.

Remember, these costs correspond to the average distance of around 418 miles among the respective cities.

Move Size Average Cost
Studio/ 1 bedroom $1800- $2700
2-3 bedrooms $3400- $5600
4+ bedrooms $4500-$7600

The overall moving cost varies from company to company. These estimations are calculated based on user reviews that can vary from actual cost. Some pricing factors can affect your final moving costs.

  1. Size and Complexity of the move: The size and weight of your move decide the total expense of your move.
  2. Time: The time you choose for your move greatly influences the moving cost. So choose wisely.
  3. Services: Additional services like packing, storage, furniture disassembly, and assembly can increase costs.
  4. Insurance: Most moving companies provide security for your belongings by charging an insurance amount, which can affect your overall cost.
  5. Vehicle selection: Select the vehicle according to your item's need, which can also increase the final cost.

Who regulates movers from Albuquerque to Phoenix?

Moving companies managing the interstate moves from Albuquerque to Phoenix should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and possess a valid D.O.T. license. You can freely confirm the licensing ranking on its website for surety.

Agency: United States Department of Transportation


Moving Companies from Albuquerque to Phoenix

The famous 5Cs, including citrus, cattle, copper, cotton, and climate, directly relate to Phoenix's economy. Mexican food is Phoenix's specialty, and it is a great place for people searching for job opportunities. Phoenix is the fifth most populous city and is considered an urban area in the U.S.A.

Before deciding on your relocation, always consider using the moving cost calculator to get accurate estimates from the most reliable moving companies from Albuquerque to Phoenix. Never rely on the estimates sent via phone or email; instead, ask them to visit your place and decide. Once given rough estimates, compare the quotes from the top-notch moving companies and choose what best suits your budget and requirements.